Auction Lot 45: Audra&
Auction Lot 45: Audra&
Auction Lot 45: Audra&
Auction Lot 45: Audra&

Auction Lot 45: Audra's Hoodie / Sweats / Audra Grey Bra & Underwear

Regular price$375.00

If you've seen the film you know Arielle Raycene who plays Audra Bucklebee goes through several changes of clothes. One of the outfits that gets the most screen time is her hoodie & sweats and you can own her on-screen wardrobe.


  • Arielle's on-screen worn zip up hoodie
  • Arielle's on-screen worn sweatpants
  • Arielle's on-screen worn grey bra & underwear
  • Arielle Raycene Autographed Vinyl Soundtrack *comes with a certified hologram sticker
  • Filmed on location on Cape Cod, Massachusetts
  • The items were sealed and stored since filming Kill Her Goats 
  • Signed Certificate of Screen Used Authenticity with Hologram Seal
  • Free UPS shipping with tracking and insurance (US ONLY) *If the winning bidder requires international shipping that will be calculated after the auctions concludes
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